• Pani Puri 89 kr

    Fried hollow wheat balls filled with spicy potatoes, red onions, chickpeas & coriander sauce & dates sauces.

  • Idly sambar 89 kr

    Steamed rice bites dipped in sambar (lentil soup filled with vegetables and Indian Spices)

  • Plain/Masala Papad 29/39 kr

    Crispy & fried bread topped with onion,tomato,coriander, boondi,special masala & sev

  • Vada pav 69 kr

    Boiled potatoes mixed with some spices,coriander,cumin in soft bread.

  • Plain/samosa chat 55/95 kr

    Boiled potatoes,green peas mixed with Indian spices filling wrapped in a crispy pastry made with wheat flour.

  • Veg Noodle Spring Roll 110 kr

    Garlic,soyasauce,cabbage, vinegar,boiled noodles,carrot wrapped with wheat flour & topped with spring onion,served with Sajvva chutney.

  • Veg Manchuria 110 kr

    Cabbage,carrot, potatoes dumplings fried to a golden crispness,served in a flavourful Manchurian sauce made with soy,ginger,garlic & Indian spices.

  • Chicken Magestic 110 kr

    Chicken marinated with garlic,ginger & egg in a spiced yoghurt mixture,deep fried to perfection & tossed in luscious blend of curry leaves,green chili& Indian spices.

  • Indian Crisp Chicken 115 kr

    Chicken marinated with ginger,garlic,chili,gram flour,coated with breadcrumbs & fried till crisp

  • Chicken 65 115 kr

    Chicken marinated with ginger,garlic & egg deep fried & tossed in soya sauce, tomato ketchup.

  • Mixed Street Food
    Mixed Street Food 159 kr

    Pani puri, Veg Manchuria,Chicken 65, Paneer Magestic.


  • Chicken Kadahi 180 kr

    Chicken, paprika,dry chili,fennel Grilled chicken, red chili powder, seeds,onion & tomato curry sauce, coriander.jeera.

  • Coconut Chicken 180 kr

    Chicken,melon seeds, poppy seeds, ginger, garlic, red chili powder, coconut, Indian spices.

  • Butter Chicken 185 kr

    Marinated chicken tossed in butter with onion, tomato, cashewnut paste.

  • Chicken Tikka Masala 185 kr

    Grilled chicken, red chili powder, ginger, garlic, onion, tomato, Indian spices & home made tikka sauce

  • Lamb Kadahi 229 kr

    Lamb, paprika, dry chili, fennel seeds, coriander, cumin, onion & tomato sauce.

  • Lamb Rogenjosh
    Lamb Rogenjosh 229 kr

    Lamb, onion, tomato, red chili powder, powder poppy seeds, coconut, coriander, cloves, cinnamon & home made rogenjosh sauce

Vegetariska rätter

  • Dal Tadka 149 kr

    Toor Dal, onion, red chili powder, cumin & mustard seeds.

  • Dal Makhani 165 kr

    Black urad dal, kidney beans, butter, tomato, Indian homemade spices & makhani sauce.

  • Chana Masala 149 kr

    Chickpeas, onion, tomato, Indian homade spices.

  • Palak Paneer 165 kr

    Palak, paneer, green chili, ginger slice and home made indian spices.

  • Paneer Tikka Masala 165 kr

    Paneer, red chili powder, ginger onion, tomato, home made tikka sauce.

  • Paneer Kadahi 165 kr

    Paneer, paprika, dry chili, fennel seeds, onion & tomato curry sauce, coriander, cumin.

  • Paneer Butter Masala 169 kr

    Paneer, butter, onion, tomato, cashew nut, Indian spices.

  • Methi Charmon
    Methi Charmon 169 kr

    Grated paneer, onion, tomato, cashew nuts paste, fresh,

  • Perperi Baingan
    Perperi Baingan 169 kr

    Eggplant, onion pea nut powder, chana dal, sesame seeds, urad dal, coconut, dry red chili powder, cumin.


  • Veg Thali 249 kr

    Ildly Sambar, periperi baingan, paneer butter masala, rice, dal, papad, raita, home made mango pickle, Indian desert.

  • Non Veg Thali
    Non Veg Thali 449 kr

    One chicken starterm plain naan, biryani rice, rice, one chicken curry, one mutton curry, raita, homemade mango pickle, Indian desert.

  • Maharaja Thali 519 kr

    One veg starterm one chicken starter, one vegetarian dish, one chicken dish, one non lamb dish, naan, rice, sambar, papad, raita, homemade mango pickle Indian desert

  • Lamb Biryani 219 kr
  • Chicken Biryani 189 kr
  • Veg Biryani 189 kr


  • Gulab Jamun 69 kr
  • Kulfi 25 kr/cl

    Freshly spiced dark rum with elements of orange, almond, vanilla and arrak.

  • Rasmalai 99 kr


  • Plain Naan 25 kr
  • Butter Naan 35 kr
  • Garlic Naan 35 kr
  • Chili Garlic Naan 45 kr
  • Cheese Naan 45 kr
  • Peshawari Naan 49 kr


  • Soft Drinks 35 kr

    Cola, Cola Zero, Fanta, Sprite.

  • Plain Lassi 45 kr
  • Mango Lassi 55 kr
  • Indian Masala Chai 59 kr
  • Falooda 99 kr