• Galgbacken, Pale Ale 5,8% 75 kr

    This tasteful IPA has an aromatic hop character with a clear yet balanced bitter bite. Produced of Gotland Sweden.

  • Poppels London Lager 5,6% 80 kr

    We`ve fallen head over heels. It is a dark beer with notes of crushed malt and caramel, but at the same time has a fruitiness and freshness. Gluten-free.

  • Pale Ale/Snublejuice 4,5% 80 kr

    We’ve fallen head over heels for this beer. IPA dry hopped w/ El Dorado, Mosaic & Simcoe. Gluten-free. To Øl.

  • Ship Full of Ipa 5,8% 70 kr

    An IPA with hoppy, fruity aromas. Hints of dried fruit, caramel, spices and with a distinct bitterness. Brutal Brewing.

  • Wheat Bear/1664 Blanc 5% 70 kr

    Very fresh light beer with wheat and lemon. 
We add some extra lemon for extra freshness!

  • Sour Beer/Mango Mango Mango 4,5% 95 kr

    Very fresh light beer with wheat and lemon. 
We add some extra lemon for extra freshness!

  • Lager/Budvar 5% 95 kr

    A mouthwatering fruity mango sour made with two types of mango and mosaic hops. Dugges in collaboration with Stillwater Artisanal.

  • Nils Oscar Lager 85 kr

    Light lager locally made in Nyköping

  • Kingfisher 110 kr

    Indian beer

  • Cobra 110 kr

    Indian beer


  • Orange wine/Kakhuri Georian Glass 130 kr/Bottle 495 kr

    Orange wine, spicy flavorful wine with slight astringency, hints of apricot, beeswax, spices, dried apples and orange. Goes very good with vegan food.

  • Sander Weingut/Reisling Glass 125 kr/Bottle 485 kr

    A dry, fresh and youthful Riesling with hints of tropical fruits and a clean finish

  • Casal di serra Glass 130 kr/Bottle 545 kr

    An dry, organic white wine, with a fine minerality and freshness. Fruity, youthful flavors with notes of pear, apple, fresh herbs and lime. Made from home grown grapes from the hills of the Castelli district, in Italy.

  • Lat 42 Reserva 2018 Glass 120 kr/Bottle 495 kr

    A mild and youthful wine with intense fruity aromas. Elements of cherry, plum, minerals and with a spicy finish. Rioja Labastida, Spain.

  • Sparkling Wine/Prosecco La Cantina Pizzolato Glass 120 kr/Bottle 495 kr

    A fresh and youthful sparkling wine from the organic vineyards in Treviso. Harmonious aroma with hints of green apples and citrus. Glera, Veneto, Italy.

  • Sparkling wine/Cava Funambul Glass 110 kr/Bottle 485 kr

    An ecologically produced sparkling wine made in Spain.


  • Galipette Cidre 4.5% 90 kr

    A lovely indulgent drink. This cider, produced with french apples, has a dry, crisp flavor.

  • Ginger Joe Cider 4% 80 kr

    Spicy, sweet taste with a clear character of ginger. From London England.


  • Hibiskus Lynchburg 149 kr

    Whiskey, Triple Sec, hibiskus syrup, lemon juice and aquafaba for the foamy texture.

  • Sage Gin % Tonic 149 kr

    Apple juice from RSCUED, gin, sage syrup, lemon juice, tonic water.

  • Ruby Margarita 169 kr

    Tequila, triple sec, home made raspberry purée, lemon juice, syrup.

  • Pitcher/Hibiskus Legerita 360 kr

    Share this Mexican classic in a big format with your friends! Fresh lemon juice, tequila, triple sec, hibiskus syrup, local Limhamns lager & soda water. Let us know if you don’t want a salted rim. Perfect for 2-4 people.

  • Cactus Jack 169 kr

    A refreshing tropical cocktail with Malibu, tequila, blue curacao, pineapple- and lemon juice

  • Violet/Blueberry Gin & Tonic 149 kr

    The lovely sweet taste of violet and blueberry in a sparkling tonic with Bombay Gin that takes you to another level.

  • Whiskey Sour 149 kr

    A classic cocktail with Jack Daniel´s whiskey, sour lemon, some drops of Angostura Bitter and

  • Espresso Martini 159 kr

    A chilled uplifting coffee cocktail with vegan coffee liqueur Tia Maria, vodka and a double espresso.

  • Irish Coffee 159 kr

    Hot creamy coffee cocktail with Jack Daniel´s whiskey. Vegan cream made of soy bean.

Kaffe & Te

  • Svart kaffe/Americano 32 kr

    Coffe Americano, Espresso

  • Cappuccino 40 kr

    A double espresso with foamy oat milk

  • Tea 30 kr

    Ask for flavours.

  • Single espresso 30 kr


  • Double espresso 38 kr


  • Chai Latte 40 kr

    Spices mixed with skim oat milk


  • Virgin Sage Gin & Tonic 60 kr

    Our Sage Gin & Tonic without the gin!

  • Lemonade Classic 60 kr

    Our classic lemonade made from freshly squeezed lemon, ice , sugar.

  • Coco Colada 60 kr

    Our lovely coconut and pineapple drink with some refreshing lime.

  • Wheat Bear/Drink in the Sun 0,3% 60 kr

    Light wheat beer from Mikkeller with mango, apricot, grapefruit and herbs.

  • White Wine/Nutero Muscat Glass 60 kr/Bottle 180 kr

    Spain. Grape: Muscat. 
White wine with grape, floral flavour and hints of pear.

  • Juice/Apple Must 45 kr

    Apple juice from Kivik

  • Naturo Muscat 0% Glass 60 kr/Bottle 180 kr

    De-alcolised white wine made with Muscat grapes. Goes well with our spicy food.

  • Lick of Sunshine/Mocktail 60 kr

    Fresh passionfruit with pineapple juice and coconut syrup.

  • Pomegrante/Raspberry/Mocktail 60 kr

    Fresh pomegranate fruit with raspberry syrup and pomegranate soda.

  • Violet/Blueberry/Mocktail 60 kr

    Sweet violet syrup with fresh blueberry and tonic water.

  • Passion/Mango/Mocktail 60 kr

    A sparkling drink with fresh passion fruit, passion fruit syrup and mango soda.


  • Nikki All Malt Whiskey 30 kr/cl

    Japanese vegan whiskey with oak character. Honey, vanilla, licorice and apples.

  • Plantation Barbados Rum 25 kr/cl

    Freshly spiced dark rum with elements of orange, almond, vanilla and arrak.

  • Grappa Nonin Tradizionale 25 kr/cl

    Delicate aromas of fresh grapes and hints of minerals.